The 7-Day Gentle Workout Program I Completed 7-Weeks Postpartum

After a very difficult first pregnancy that included 3-months of strict bed rest, I was exhausted, overwhelmed and up 57 lbs. Once I got the OK from my doctor, I was excited to get back to my active lifestyle. Problem was, I had never gained so much weight before, my balance was totally off and I couldn’t walk around the block without my knees aching.

Sleep deprived and low on confidence, I used my Beachbody app to find a gentle, beginner program that would meet me where I was. I came across Clean Week, led by super trainer Megan Davies, and was excited to discover that the program was only 7 workouts, low impact and just 30 minutes a day. The program covers core, cardio, strength building and stretching — all of which was super doable in my fresh postpartum body.

And if you’ve come to this blog post to find out what I thought about it — it’s this:

I really liked the program as a gentle means of getting back into shape. If you’re someone who is freshly postpartum or is just starting out on your own fitness journey, I’d recommend that you give it a go. What I liked most was that it was only 7 workouts which helped me dial back into my health and fitness habits while giving me a boost of confidence that I very much needed in that season of my life.

Have you completed Clean Week? If so, what did you think? Drop me a note below.

Stay well,


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