Life With a Tiny Human and Fitness Update

Life with a small human is wild! The day to day: cooking, cleaning, feeding, playing, mommy meet-ups, shopping, laundry (omg the laundry) is never ending. And when you’re on a health and wellness journey where things like daily workouts and walks, eating healthy and getting proper sleep are non-negotiable, there leaves very little time for anything else.

We are 10 months in and I’m only starting to get my motherhood bearings. But, I’m happy to say that I have lost all 60 lbs — and then some — that I gained while I was pregnant! Since I’ve always had a slim frame, I’ve never had to lose such a large amounts of weight before — and let me tell you, it’s hard and at times, extremely disheartening.

You can read more about my difficult pregnancy, here.

3 days postpartum, wondering how I was going to lose 57 more lbs.

I remember taking this photo 3 days after giving birth, only 3 lbs down, and thinking, “OMFG this is going to be a lot of hard work!” And it was. I contribute my weight loss to Beachbody’s at-home workout programs, sticking to a nutrition plan (I tracked my macros via Autumn Calabrese’s Portion Fix), and leaning heavily on my daily pre-pregnancy habits: lots of water, balanced eating, daily walks, and getting proper rest.

And it took time! 9 months to be exact. But the secret was being very consistent with all of the above. Hand on heart, that consistency of showing up each day, sometimes motivated, other times defeated, wouldn’t have happened had I not had access to at-home workout programs. Working out at home has been such a game changer for me. It allows me to take the guess work off the table, commit to a program for a set amount of days, put in the work and actually (like, really) see results.

I’m a few days away from finishing my 3rd workout program postpartum — and I’m really excited to share with you what I loved — and didn’t! It’ll give you a taste of the programs to see if any are ideal for the season you find yourself in.

How about you? Have you ever had to lose a large amount of weight? It’s so hard. First off, I commend you because it’s not easy — but tell me, how did you do it?

Stay Well — and be kind to yourself!


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