3 Delicious Dinners to Make This Month

It’s been especially cold here in D.C. that it’s made going for walks and family hikes difficult with a small baby in tow. Baby aside, I always find February a tough month to trudge through. It’s near the end of the wintry months when you’re so very over the frigid temperatures, snow and short days! To beat the winter blues, I’m sharing with you 3 healthy and hearty veg friendly meals that are sure to warm you from the inside out.

Quinoa Black Bean Crockpot Stuffed Peppers

Recipe and photo by Pinch of Yum, posted with permission.

This recipe by a Pinch of Yum is not only easy and delicious but it’s a definite crowd pleaser. We had family stay with us this past month and with all the running around that goes into preparing for guests, it was super helpful to be able to throw all of the ingredients: peppers, quinoa, beans, enchilada sauce and spices into the crockpot, turn it on high, and have a tasty and super fun dinner ready in just 3 hours. I think you’re absolutely going to love it! And if you do serve it to your guests they will be asking for the recipe. You can view the recipe in full, here.

Vegan Butter “Chicken” with Baked Tofu

Recipe and photo by Pick Up Limes, posted with permission.

I’m a huge fan of Pick Up Limes’ recipes. In fact, every dish I’ve ever made from their website is so uniquely flavourful and satisfying — and this butter “chicken” recipe is no exception. Remember during the beginning of the pandemic when everyone and their mother was baking bread? Well, I was at home experimenting with different ways to cook tofu and this recipe was one of the first I tried out. It’s delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever made with tofu that it’s become a monthly dinner staple in our household. Not a big fan of tofu? I think this recipe might convince you otherwise. I made this dish for my mother last month and when I told her that the cheese in the dish was actually tofu she was stunned and kept saying, “this is tofu!?!” Yes, mom. Yes it is. You can view the recipe in full, here.

Vegetarian Mushroom Lentil Stew

Recipe and photo by Midwest Foodie, posted with permission.

My husband and I adore mushrooms and always have them in our fridge. When I noticed that we had a pint that needed to be eaten, I whipped up this one-pot veggie stew by Midwest Foodie and was blown away by how simple yet flavourful the dish was. It was the perfect dish to be eaten on a cold and snowy night. This recipe made plenty of leftovers and on the second night of eating it, we switched it up by pairing the dish with mashed potatoes which was uber comforting. You can view the recipe in full, here.

Stay Well,


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