“Add in”: A Small, Yet Powerful Shift Around Food

I don’t know about you, but when I’m highly focused on not eating something, it just makes me want it more (give me all the wine and cheese, please!). Years ago I came across a brilliant concept on dieting that has stuck with me and forever changed the way I think about food.

It goes like this: instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating, focus on what you can incorporate or
add into your diet. See the difference? It’s so subtle but hugely impactful when your focus shifts from a negative thought, “I’m NOT going to order fries with my burger“, to something more positive and lighter, “swapping out the fries for a side salad will make me feel good.”

Here’s an example: 

Say you want to start cutting back on refined carbohydrates (breads, muffins, crackers, etc.). Instead of being hyper focused on eliminating simple carbs from your diet, shift your focus to what you want to start eating more of, like veggies. When you concentrate on eating more veggies throughout the day or my favourite, adding 1 serving of veggies to every meal, you’re less likely to have room to fill up on the things you’re trying to avoid or cut back on. 

This small mindset shift can turn a negative thought pattern into something that is positive and most important —actionable! How about you? Is this something you would try out? Adopting this mindset years ago has allowed me to have a healthy and more positive relationship with food.

Stay Well,

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